Missionary needed in Japan!! Come work with us for God and His kingdom!!


Do you know about the country of Japan?

Japan is an island country in East Asia. It is one of the richest countries in the world that has not been told of the Gospel. Only 1% of the 127 million people know about Jesus Christ.

There are still areas in Japan without any churches.

A lot of Japanese people feel pressure that comes from society and family.

The suicide rate in Japan is over 30,000 people a year. Youth suicide is among the highest in the world.

In March 2011, thousands of Japanese people lost their lives from Tsunamis and earthquakes.

Japan is the only country in the world that has been attacked by atomic bombs.

Disaster after disaster has taken many lives.

Now, many Japanese are seeking the hope of Jesus.

God made this beautiful country of Japan with His own hands. He wants to send His light through the church to love Japan.

Do you want to participate in the salvations of this country?

Would you become part of the light that shines in Japan?

Contact at info@hiscallchurch.com

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His Call Church introduction

20141012 10th Anniversary

Hello! We are His Call Church in Nagoya, Japan.
We are a Protestant church, established in 2004.

The church was planted by Pastor Masato and Yumi Hosoe.
It started with their family and a few more people who came from their mother church, Hikone New Hope Chapel.

“His” refers to Jesus Christ, and “Call” means to summon.
So His Call Church purposes to make disciples of Christ as a team.



We use various kinds of outreaching methods such as
doing Street Live and Campus outreach.

Outreach is the great way to reach new people and
to be connected to the lost and lead them to Jesus.

Japanese people love foreigners, and you will know
how much God can use you to reach them.
Some of them are even easier to open their hearts
to foreigners than they do for Japanese.

20140115 Jon Pritikin

Japanese students just love foreigners!
Some of the members at His Call Church got saved
through missionaries who came here from overseas.